ChE 128 Separation Processes       
Basic principles and design techniques of equilibrium-stage separation processes. Emphasis is placed on binary distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, and multicomponent distillation

ChE 140A Chemical Reaction Engineering       
Kinetics of homogeneous and heterogeneous reacting systems, with and without catalysis, and its use in predicting chemical conversion and selectivity in flow and nonflow reactors. Emphasis on the dynamic behavior and design considerations of chemical reactors

ChE 246 Advanced Catalysis    
Theories of reaction rates. Heterogeneous catalysis, including physical structure and characterization of catalysts. Catalyst poisoning. Combustion. Fluidized bed reactors. Statistical estimation of kinetic parameters. Stability of chemical reactors.

Chem 123 Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry       
Chemical matters of pollution sources. Principles of analytical monitoring and control of pollution sources. The chemistry of pollutants in the environment. Chemical quality standards and chemical monitoring of the environment.

Chem 173B/268B Inorganic Chemistry       
Structures of ordered crystalline solids, X-Ray crystallography. Introduction to solid state chemistry, inorganic materials and chemical catalysis. Selected aspects of bioinorganic chemistry.