Professor Jacob Israelachvili's Research Group
L to R: Pictured going around the table clockwise:Yair Kaufman (first-in yellow shirt), Saurabh Das, Nadine Martinez-Rodriguez, Nancy Emerson, Steve Donaldson,
Prof. Jacob Israelachvili, Jing Yu, Matt Gebbie, Dong Woog Lee, Kai Kristiansen, Xiaoxun Zhang, Himanshu Mishra, Rongxin Su, Mike Rapp,
Alex Schrader, Howie Dobbs, Eric Danner, Thomas Cristiani, Sandy Chen, Jeff Scott.
Please scroll down to see the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of Professor Israelachvili's Research Group members.

Professor Israelachvili's laboratory is located in Building 570, Rm 1200, The Interfacial Laboratory. The mailing address for each member is given below.
Jacob Israelachvili 893-8407
mailing address:
Chemical Engineering, M/C 5080
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5080 USA

The area code is 805.

Nancy Emerson (Admin) 893-8407
Kai Kristiansen (Pr Sci) 893-5268
Post-Doctoral Researchers
Yair Kaufman 893-5268
Steve Donaldson 893-5268
Dong-Woog Lee 893-5268
Elings Postdoctoral Fellow (CNSI)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Himanshu Mishra 893-5268
Graduate Student Researchers
Chemical Engr.    
Zach Berkson 893-5268
Nick Cadirov 893-5268
Szu-Ying Chen 893-5268
Saurabh Das 893-5268
Howard Dobbs 893-5268
Michael Rapp 893-5268
Alex Schrader 893-5268
Matthew Gebbie 893-5268
BMSE Biomolecular Science & Engineering  
Nadine Martinez-Rodriguez 893-5268
Visiting Professors    
Yuval Golan, PhD  
Rongxin Su 893-5268
Xiaoxun Zhan 893-5268